Truly, Sir- What Does It Matter What Kind Of Life We Live If We Just Die In The End? What Good Is “Good”?

Poser Fresh but not of strait flesh I like B-52s Love shack You? Hah. This is a JESUS love trap. Beware! Oh jus kidding. Maybe.

Poser Fresh but not of strait flesh
I like B-52s
Love shack
You? Hah. This is a JESUS love trap. Beware! Oh jus kidding. Maybe.

This question comes from Moe Moofertonvillehillton of Jumpy-town, GA. Yep. Suuuure…

Well Moe, a CHRIST-follower is in contemplation of the mystery that he is ALREADY dead and its mystifying! In one way sad, but consider- your grief will be less to a degree should you lose your job, home or all wealth, health- even having answers and direction if one loses their spouse, God forbid.

So being dead already, and the atonement having paid by grace for all sin, the CHRIST-follower has completed his/her (spirit has no distinction) LIFE. You may say Perpetually we observe a living and dying process in communion. I declare myself “Catholic enough” to commune with Catholic, Protestant and, more often than one might think ALSO with the divisions of saints who have a different sheep faith.

Those sheep do not deny JESUS. Now not ALL believe and some are very lost, perhaps a Mafía hitman. Or a clandestine cultists following hidden ways… Or sexually immoral or homosexual offenders unable to listen to the spirit- but see THIS, this is an age of the Spirit. Each day is new. If one has been “gay” and conflicted, knowing their is a great urge, most definitely the Spirit will speak and yes, judge but not hopelessly. Or a man who gets into bed with a new willing victim girl practices sorcery of charm and webs of lies.

Sexuality is not the greatest dominion but for a man (woman also) sexuality will be even detrimental if practiced with no care. And it hurts who? Oneself! For a believer sexual immorality is open for critique by ALL, but a believer is not to judge a non-believer (claims of faith unclear). One example- I read that a pastor confronted Ellen of being gay and outspoken recently! I kind of laugh because the JESUS follower is an oddity queer to the world SO TO SPEAK and we judge our own. At risk of being JUDGED BACK! But the church is hardly about sex! Ellen does not claim to be Christian I suppose?

I find Porshe and her to be attractive! Haha. Now if they claim to be Christian, they would know by the Spirit- and perhaps one day it will come to pass that they will have a rarity called “storge”, a Greek love as siblings have. No inappropriate stuff but the love is allowed as natural. Some men, unfortunately Protestants love lesbian porn but turn around and denounce it. They are fascinated. With two frenzied women.

Same gender love can be unnatural and regrettable. In depth of practice one may grow callous but may I offer THIS bit?- homophobia is very unhealthy. Not the fear of aggressive BDSM folks who taunt and pick on youth and others- that is obviously uncool. Homo + phobic is a death of COMFORT within one’s own gender. I feel alone often and do you know who I can rely on when I am depressed?

Gay homo men.

A-ha. What is this? The study and spiritual practice with those who act out in same sex SEX is not where Zi want SEX- ha! No. Nope. These men have expertise, albeit with craving of their own where they may see the life of the right kind of saint and desire to jump… Jump away from gay life. And these spend a great deal of time establishing they have failed morally in the past.

Rosie o’Donnell said in response to pokey questions about her lesbieanness:

“I think JESUS understands me.”

How wise. He does, Rosie.

Does this justify her before the throne of God? Careful- you do not see Ellen, Posche, Rosie behaving “gay”. In fact coming out of that closet is honesty. Support is given. Let’s say being super gay is wrong. Okay so the Spirit will speak in regard to the world’s sin. Not the Christian. If they do, what a joke. If one demoralizes themself in a Soceity so accepting then those who attempt to escape have it rougher!

Sexuality itself is dangerous. Heck even in a straight marriage issues of lust and selfishness abound. Wife has a period or endometriosis and maybe husband feels bitter and starts a little thing with another man’s wife where that husband is kind of a jerk. That can end in a murder suicide. “Gay” means “anal sex”, okay and maybe my friend feels suicidal. Don’t want him to! How do you PROVE what all is warped? Well the easy answer is the true one. The Spirit guides a man. People differ.

Ever hear the conscience ought to guide you? Yes of course. Where is God calling? Mm.. I don’t think to false gods. America revamped Buhhdism to be a backbone religion for gay life, too. Actual Buddhism is more strongly against this moral rule against gay life, but notice the brotherhood and caring.

So to the Christian who is super gay- they do not have the faith. To one who fights to understand peace with God, your mistakes, known or hidden are know but covered in grace AS YOU LEARN. THere is a warning for people to be hot or cold. There are strict warnings. Outside the church is the spirit calling.

Now I am not pro gay but think about gay as ALSO “expert” on good parties, gentleness and openness to platonic friendships! As a straight man I have not many guy friends. Those straight friends inched away when I hugged and Im MARRIED! Shame! Duh!

I’m for women, but this is the Spirit speaking here when I ask:

“What kind of man were you, are you and will BE you?”

Believe me, my goal is not straightness and by No effort, my gay friends I just think “straight”. But I love dudes, yeah? You know? The Olympics run and maybe I stare at that dude swimmer. I don’t want to boof or be buffed. God does scrutize (judge) mankind but all are in a state of pathetic need. Sexual needs SCARE US ALL.

If you believe in Jesus walking on water, you know he is SEAL team 6 TOUGH on the cross. Empathetic. God has declared his son! Not war. See Jn 3:17. “Not sent to condemn the world. Sent to save it.” Is this unsettling? Then say now,

“GOD THIS IS STRANGE. I am unsettled. Speak to me. Rescue me. I will meet you one day anyway. Let’s start with my wardrobe. You gave me good taste. Thank you.”

Or if your clothes are terrible, ask for other guidance. If you wish to find more than “love” to a higher protective love and are scared. You knew this was coming. And I’m not the ONLY “nice” Christian. I will speak of judgment but dudes, you are cared for. If there was not a way through all the hurdles I would not offer hope. I do not pressure. So how do I know JESUS can love Gays? I have not been a career-gay guy! I used to make fun. I want YOU… to know the deepest truth and VALIANT love that the man saviour has for you men! Strait up, gay is a word… But you matter.

The truth is not what you think.

It’s with you in this present moment.

I still seek this man JESUS, my man friend.

Platonic are WE but I say ANYTHING.

IN Christ the faithful make up a BRIDE if you want to be collectively feminine spiritually! The men who worship Jesus are in the most fly entourage.

But maybe no one likes me.

And worse, perhaps I have not sold JESUS and the process of surrendering as attractive.

i know I am ugly to many. But this anymore  is because the world and el Diablo would rather see me gone. I have a message of love.

Im not afraid to make no friends. I AM AFRAID to not even try to reduce the gay suicide rate. You guys or your gay family matter to me. It’s only a matter of time before you will confess his great name. I want to be here now. And if you fight, you know why the temple of the body works best when the grace is poured OUT and the conscience is clear.? Life is more than playing pink and rainbow cards.

stellar beauty and pride of life in Jjesus are calling…

pick up pick up



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