Inverse Fate

This is a picture of me at age NOW.

This is a picture of me at age NOW.

Category: Fiction

warning: subject content heavy, attempt here for words of spiritual healing, albeit clumsy attempt. Bless Columbine CO… and bless the entire USA aka “Planet USA”!

“Not So Long Ago…”

Eric Harris was present

And then he was not

How many students died by his hand?

It may seem I am about to pick on him and his one friend I won’t name yet


And he then did not breathe

He fell to the floor

In Colorado among shell casings

He breathed no more.


He suddenly found himself

Tied to a post

Bound at the wrist

Electricity coursed thru him


Immediate judgment day

Somehow he still existed

Time slipped sideways

This is for every parent at Columbine


Make a wish

And this flogging

Can take more time

As much or as little as you need


Join him for this ride

Of fiction in a real life spacetime…

Anno Domini thirty-three

Going to be crucified until we are free


It’s okay

There are reservations

For billions of sinners

The light-weights to Sinning-sensations


Tachycardia sets in

Whipping of the lord

More painful than raw blistered

Chronic bloody diarreah hurts like a sword


Think I am kidding?

This is what we cry for!

justice with zero mercy?

who can afford?


Does preaching too much crucifix…

Does it make boys evil?

In all truth and seriousness

Should it not be taken OUT on a devil?


Ought… OUGHT…

What ought be NOW?

its been about 15 years

since a massacre in a small town


Parents of the killers…

these were your sons!

Parents of the victimized…

you lost your LOVED ONES!


Oh god.. Forgive me if I write a mistake

If I cry on the internet

which life

to take



he sustsined war pain

The two in trench coat thought in 1999

to hit a NYC building by plane!


Now it makes sense to me

The devil recruits

without putting men in

Uniforms or suits


What a price to pray on the cross!

i beg you parents to pray!!

Why?? Because in Pakistan schools

the same filthy spirit accosts!!


CHRIST died at Calvary

for ALL sin and void

but why test more? Why?

children are scared. Who is PREPARED?


entrusting to JESUS who is “saved”

Not forgetting the history

pakistan schools- pray protection in the lord

even though Gods will is a mystery


If there is not success in prayer

remember THIS


None can take the souls he carries in his fist…


None can take them out of his hand.

strike! Bleeding

none can snatch them out

Strike two! Reeling

not one can break in to heaven

strike three! Try to take their souls??

no one is lost but one

crown of thorns pressed on

children are just teenagers…

Laying… Him… Down on wood

Kip Kinkle made a model of this

Maybe just because he COULD

LIES! Says no forgiveness no saving?

first spike into the right hand!

lies! No forgiveness?

2nd spike left HAND

NO SALVATION… That impotent wood said

spike thrust THRU the ankles lifted up JESUS for the HUMAN ZOO







but we need freedom NOW!!

freedom from the bully

Terror is the bully

helplessness, too

how can we escape??

escape the human zoo??

You don’t want to go to heaven and have the the killer in view?

the killer of your children is sentenced and the killer is darkness it’s true!

And I will not stop you from hoping for justice for all…..

and I will not stop you from hoping for mercy for your SONS

EVERYbody wants their love to count

One day to see what all is about

unless you just do not care

And in THAT place the Spirit of Justice mercy and peace is there

until then…

picture for a bit

a strong saviour

young, crucified

And hit…

strong enough…

oh I am not

did I misspeak? Remember at least ONE healing thing?

JESUS gave it all he got

And he got you and me

believe it just FOR YOU…

and you are already


god bless your aftermath and your lives

i have Asperger’s… I am sorry if I hurt

anyone’s feelings… Often I am told, to shut up

maybe that is bullied. But I am forty

I do not like my life much

people do not like me

For no reason except I talk to much


In all fairness I pray:

Our father, bless the parents of Columbine victims AND shooters…

the living have hope

he holds your healing

i do not

but I try to GIVE IT ALL I got

i am just here

and SAD

MY wife and I visited Troutdale this Summer

and I am commited to peace prayer

for America

no other country!

well, just this season for Pakistan too

my faith in Jesus sees a pattern

of terror similitude

may God guard the prayer warrior!!

Advance, armies!!


in your rooms

father protect our rooms


protection in these TIMES


okay, friends of peace…

humbly take part

do your part in peace

As you see fit

love peace peace love

Fearless free

in the name of


candle lit

so be it!!

|||||||| 2015

by a. harrison


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