Woman Of Job

Job’s daughters were beautiful. After his bad time. He had to have a woman to be their mother.

The wife of Job told him to curse God and die. Is that to say suicide?

One other thing- Job’s wife lost as many sons and daughters as Job. She saw her husband suffer. She said terrible regrettable things.

Mrs. Job, I hope your life was healed too, but I am limited to presumption and maybe “reverse-prophesy” which is to ascertain in the spirit of God’s wisdom WHO YOU WERE. You are not here. Are you watching? I love YA.

Why? My wife suffers watching me suffer and I feel we are the same couple. The same married couple. My wife suffers with me.

Job: a love story?

For us men it is an all-suffering story, not for the self-righteous but for the godly man who strives to win in life. And if he is losing, to get through it. Time is not a point A to point B journey. Eternity has a beginning, though and all that is past becomes eternally past. Never again will I be 8 years old and play with my cat. That is an example. Did God throw my cat into hell after he died at age 19? Well if he did, whatever.

You know trust?


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