What’s up

Yes you. Person at their computer, or holding the phone. I don’t know you.

Let me tell you something dumb about blogging or what makes blocking dumb. Facebook, too. This. I am sitting in my car in Milwaukee Oregon smoking a cigarette and you are doing what?

This is a different kind of media.

There’s no way to put handle with care on it but do people in America understand that? One blogger put that porn is the future. Hope sexual relationships. I responded by saying why don’t you flirt with the taco bell girl. Oh girl. Sorry. That guy needed to get a life.

There is no life in the Internet.

However, Jesus was called the Word as well as the life.

All I can say is:

Word on.


This brought to you by a guy who used to like the disco shows in 1970s.

John and Olivia

George Jetson

Life cereal

And homegrown blueberries on top of my life cereal… Did I ever do that? No. Too late.

Word on.


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