Tenz unit on the atlas. On the neck. My Chiropracter taught me that c1 is a concentration point of stress. I used a Dennerol… that is like a soft Kung Fu strike frozen in time and you may not want to fall asleep that way.

This technique I call radical. Atlas spinner. Uh… Just call it a rad spinner. Not in use widely. If it were, chiropractors may be out of a job and career. My doctor would probably be happy to retire if it were due to mass healing and no more need of him. He is the best Chiropracter in Portland, OR. You could look him up. All you’d have to do is Google the beginning of the post. Like the atlas and c1, its at the top.

He specializes in healing people. Bungee jumpers, racecar drivers, mom’s who get wrapped by toddlers, rock n’ roll head angers, jack hammerers… eskimos, whalers, tea drinkers, bears, cats, UH- wait. No. Just people. Not all those. What a bummer that grizzley Bears may need adjustment. Probably why they eat our picnic food. Frustrated creatures in God’s creation.

People get cranky. Hey- any of you live in Oregon or Washington? Dr. Aaron Radspinner has a practice in Beaverton, OR right by the Westgate theater and the bowling alley is there too. So you can get an adjustment between bowling frames. Also, if you do not bowl, why not?? It might be that you need an adjustment. Nothing will ever take the place of gentle professional hands. Unless you have no head. Then in that case- you would not be reading THIS.

In conclusion…

S.S 2015


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