Kombat With Spellkorrect- It Is A Cyber-S.S Guard!

If I type “i”, my iPhone6 corrects it to a capital. In English there is NO lowercase “i” as a one-letter word, unless in poetry to be humble:

“i saw the stars and i gave them to u…”


So whatchu do is type a word like


And it may put it in “blue box”…

that is the iPhone6 thinking you are nuts… Or something. Take a nonsense word like:


To permanize it, add 4 or 5 or 10 letters, ie to show:


When the blue shield goes DOWN, then back space it!:




(then press spacebar)

It should STICK!

i even had to do it with “spacebar”!

also a pink shield comes up…

That means you are even more screwed. You probably have to type it all over. I do. It’s not annoying until it happens 50x, which it does one day in the week and I say:


This boring post brought to u by Olestra. You eat it and your colon pays.



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