Sewer Workers In America

look for $100 bills in the mucky water when it gets to the filters…

i think the rich on the East coast are so into themselves they are literally wiping their butts with them

that is illegal, y’know

don’t fish for porn though… the other day a piece of porn with girl-on-girl was on the street. Yeah got gave it to me because I was low on t.p.

That one should be destroyed byy the flood waters. By the time it gets to Station 54, it will look like two bloated dead fat chicks playing dominos in coral onesies

I’m so serious. You can tell? So totally serious.

I smell America. No I don’t!

Woo HOO hooo!!! Ha ha ha haaaaa!!


bunches of shizznit…

Cosby has a lot of money

Pay the Brown Hornet!!

he worked for free

he is not real

these words are silly?

well shoot

get your cheese in a 1970s wagon wheel!

A wagon wheel?

those guys were THC-ed!!!


that’s ok

Then us kids got stoned vicariously

i tried pot ONE DAY in yesteryear…

uh… Made me feel like I was on TV



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