Relations OUTSIDE of Marriage Is Wrong sort of

But for Lot went man-lovers came to his door he said “Try my unmarried daughters IN THE WAY YOU LIKE IT.”

I think if they tried on the Angel men, fire like an f-16 would have protected them. I don’t think Angels fear attack. Who knows?

anyway, Lot thought he was playing it right. I don’t know. I don’t know!! But anywho the Angels yanked his ass back in the house like a cop says “get out of the crime seen, sir”…

Then they played duke nukem to the towns and Lot ended up in bed and his young women got a ticket to ride after destroying a hoard of homosexual OFFENDERS. I have not seen today’s gay people pounding on doors for sex from modern day prophets

the moral of that story is: In It. That was then, now is now. God made those Angels, God is the same.

keywords: dispensation, time period

my name is Andy, I’m autistic

we are all gonna die.




eternal Daddy?

/// 2015


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