How Can God Exist Without Being Created?

“How” is a word for problems to be solved.  God is eternal, so there really is no need to make God.  He is all ready. He is here. Are you eternal?

Look in a mirror. Do you fear? Does light appear? Is something queer?

What does God look like? Why think of that unless you believe the Great I Am looks at you. How big are you? How big is he? Is he bigger than the universe?

How big is a truck in Russia? That is how big. Not as big as a truck. What are we into here? How big is God? A zillion universes big? Small and compact pinpoint the size of a quark? So small he’s huge? Can’t see him. Want to?

“Our God is a consuming fire”, says the author of Hebrews. Our God is the father of Creation. He made it all. Is his world trippy away from us like in Bhagavad Gita? Who knows?

Jesus is the eternal father. See? They are one. Simplistic. When you pray and you don’t know what to say, he prayed to the father. He told us to say “Our Father” as he was a man here way back in Jerusalemville.

Jesus was born. Jesus is the good rabbi. You really can’t ask about who made God unless you want to hear about Jesus being God’s son. If you ask who made God you are not talking about the right God. It is reality to have God. Absolute void universe is not on any menu where you start with a void and God is BORN.

. The beginning started with light. God is light and in him there is no darkness. That is what the pages say.

|| 2015


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