Christians And LBGTMI

Moralist Bible-preaching Christians- I have a suggestion!

Stop being mission-minded afar. Whether you are from The States, Canada, or Mexico or South America- tend as a missionary HERE. Our country is LOST and needs to be found.

America is going gay-crazy and beyond the moon. In the “church”… Subculture.

We do not need to send missionaries much anymore overseas. The spiritual battle is HERE. There is no gay marriage or meth in Ghana. Get real. For those who use meth, you guys are losers and need Jesus. If you are “gay married” I am not a hater. Well… it does piss me off that my marriage is considered equal down with yours.

I don’t hate the gay men. They are so diverse. I want them to be free. Not to change their person or “repent” in a hokey way. You know, a man a lot like me with the same birthday experimented in gay culture and sex and he regretted it. Now years later, he writes this stupid blog and loves gays but not their bums. You can hate him. If you killed him I’d die, for he is my previous-life-father-host.

I’m anew! Gays hate to hear that someone was molested and became gay. My “friend” was. He WAS. He told his homophobic father. He only wanted a HUG! Dogdamn it! His father shuddered. Then his daddy said he too was molested. All over America, HARVEST-time! If people do not want JESUS… How does Jason Thompson of Portland Fellowship of Portland, OR say it?:

“Have a nice gay life.”

Jay Jay does not say to go to hell. He’s been thru hell. I love my bro in a squeaky clean way. He saved my sanity, uh, halfway. Gave me free class time at PDX Fellowship, which has not apologized like Exodus International. They press on. It has gotten harder! People are coming out of the woodwork saying:

I have gay feelings and don’t want them.


I want to be a woman..

I am a Christian and I regret I touched a CHILD sexually.

I hated being gay so much, I acquired AIDS to execute myself.

(These are REAL people! Nice, too.)

Jason does not try to CHANGE them. With his own TESTIMONY and his father’s help and others, he tends to spiritual wounds. PDX Fellowship welcomes anybody, even from as far as Iceland! No further. Just kidding.

But I do stress AMERICAN missionary work stay insular. The country has a sexual identity epidemic. I have not called Jason who helped me during a time of borderline sexual identity crisis. I REALLY REALLY like people. I was assaulted. I acted out a few times. It was awful. I saw a sea of fun party people though who ought to have higher hopes than lesbian romance or butt time. A LIFE WASTED if it’s all about sex. And some churches obsess about sex.

Sex. Sex. What’s it good for? For a whore war? Good time? A person needs peace. And gladness. Are those antiquated?

|| 2015


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