If He Shrinks Back, I Will Not Be Pleased With Him (Hebrews from the Bible)

I would call suicide a type of shrink back, however suicides do vary in intensity of intent to waste oneself in a psycho rage, with a rope, to manipulate, because you whine about your wife is bossy- yeah, a guy was in China shopping with his gf and she was bitching at him, spending his money, so he jumped 6 stories to his death. He was trying to get away from her in two ways. To end what was obviously a string of verbal abused and he had low tolerance and she could not see that. Been there. Invisible, I mean.

It’s not fair to be the trigger, the cop in “suicide by cop”. THAT is a perfect example and horrible they are advertise it so I pray “they” knock it off.

Suicide is real interesting to me because religion gets you a plane ticket to heaven but all the passengers are buried so it looks like a rip off. So I go to God.

If I preach the word and it burns you, don’t talk to me about it. I will probably make you feel worse. If I judge you, you may judge me but NYAH NYAH NYAH… on the Internet thoughts are not displayed. Maybe heart is. I really don’t give a rip about any of you and I hope you burn in hell. Just kidding.

See you on the flip side. Maybe. I don’t know. Oh boo boo hoo! Am I ever going to be able to meet everyone who will ever exist EVER? Like how long will Earth be a people-mill, cranking out existant cognizant beings? What is God made of? Ha! Ha! I got you. He isn’t made! Is he a ghost?

Yabba dab dabby hwang du schwahhhhhhhh!!!

I just spoke in tongues. Just kidding.

Is KIDDING a gift?

love, peace, JOY, kindness, faithful…

|| 2015


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