Hidden Camera Mormon Temple You Tube

At the core of the LDS church is teaching that is not in the bible. You can see on You Tube a teaching from a video screen and voice that teaches that this Earth was created like “other worlds” are. Genesis does not say that. The “worlds” may be in the mind of God, before they are created. By “God” I do not mean Mormonism’s God. I mean God as in God. God who man man and never was a man EXCEPT in the form of the word. The word is JESUS.

God was not “man” then “a God”. God is God. God became man in JESUS. If ANYTHING, God has become less that man could be saved and prosper and more! How dare anyone think God had to get his shit together? When people put a lot of effort in to their appearance, they better know that they know the truth, which is that God allows people to fuck up big time. It is a gnarly world. Sorry to f-bomb but it’s true! MORMONS condemn murderers to hell.

Everyone who has sinned once is with the murderer too. Sin is all in. Holiness is all out.

i thought maybe it was a fine ceremony. No. It was a fat man in a white tux leading folks to watch a Magnavox video in a billion dollar marble mausoleum. Teaching women are priestesses to their husbands. No, in Christ there are no male/ female. Mormon temple is a sex cult shrine. No sex in there but sexual duty imposed on women to their husbands. Bravo. Great way to keep getting laid. Ever think that God wants women to be free? In my faith, which is the “Temple of Now Feng Shui Peanut Butter And Chocolate give me Jesus-all-the-way”, our women answer to God. Directly. In fact, when bodies lie dead I believe spirits leave that gendered body.

To become a male? No!!! Just trust JESUS and die and you’ll see glory. And get a glorified body. Like a giant dolphin with 3 heads? Man you people are killing me. You get to live forever in JESUS! Can you just shut up about HOW? “Oh I want a planet.” Great! I want MORE!! I want to bounce up and down on God’s lap and go “Woo HOO!!”


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