47 Latter-Day Saints Killed By Fully Fueled Jihaadist Attack

Portland, OR temple, which cost  over $53 million dollars annhilated. I-5 freeway slathered with hunks of marble and debris. The temple foundation looks like a broken eroded canine in the mouth of madness. I am not allowed to show any footage. There isn’t any. I am a writer. Joseph Smith wrote shocking things too. Did I say untrue things?

I am not against Mormons or temples. I AM against writing false scripture and never ending additions. Is the Book of Mormon false? I do not believe it will survive except with the LDS Church in remembrance of a man who rescued 1000s from the religious madness of New England and their suicidal spirituality. I think after 150+ years, however, someone DOES need to say to LDS youth “I feel your pain on whether or not you go to heaven. Your parents religion is like Amway. Joseph Smith probably did have a REAL vision. Jesus came to America? I worship God and I do not care if he ever came HERE! So what? The Holy Spirit is on Earth and definitely not just with LDS. THAT is what matters.

I do NOT oppose temples or baptism for the dead. That is like last rites but a display of faith that JESUS SAVES! I am astounded anyone would do that. I would be willing to in a RIVER! I am Jordanian in my baptists beliefs. Out in nature is a TEMPLE!! I DO worry concerning the occurrence of molestation and incest due to some men, not many, of you who have done this. I am a priest in the order of Zaphanath-Paneah, I am not Mormon. “Z” was the son of Jacob. A dreamer. Not a liar. Some of you worship wrong. You put so much stock in another man’s dream but not your OWN! Oh well. Be a follower. We all need a hero. Why Smith? Why not JESUS ONLY?

Joseph Smith becomes an Antichrist if you worship him. L Ron Hubard is doted on in the same way! Joseph Smith seems much kinder than L Ron, but Mormonism just went kind of nuts with perfectionism and purity through good deeds. Prove to me or God or the extension of all the Lord’s sheep and churches that you are for real. Blow up a temple. No, I am kidding.

But be ready to lose the sanctuary if there are secrets and not the sacred. I can really feel the energy of one of those mother temple structures. The three spires in front give me a vision of 3 men on crosses. I do not believe in Elowim or that Satan is JESUS brother except if you are reaching out to your lost brother who is an enemy. But THE enemy has no place in Heaven. If he is a brother, he cannot go to hell. He is not a brother… So he will.

He who has an ear to hear, listen up. Salvation belongs to our God. And unto the lamb. If you are a polygamist type in FLDS, I would say pray about that. All your relations are heterosexual, so there is no sin in that according to the Bible. But you can sin by treating a wife wrong. And you cannot be an elder. That includes Joseph Smith. As a believer in Jesus, Smith could be prophetic, but not a spiritual leader. That is the mistake of LDS. A great man, you may say prophet (and prophets had multiple wives, so do muslim clerics WITH THEIR WHITE SPIRE TEMPLES. Buildings that are sacred with minaret. At best, they defend heterosexuality, pointing like the “pen” of ink seeding and now the Earth is full of rejecting the use of women. Gay is hip and if you are not agreeing you are persecuted. Gay is not cool with me, but I see people. Not sex acts. I breathe air. I meditate on eternal life, repentance, surrender and testing what is good. It’s hard! But there IS a way.

Some women reject being used. Do not want to serve a man. Oh sorry for having testosterone, ladies. I just live here with my drive. Huah! My drive is in Christ. Oh gosh, the world is a mess. So glad I did not grow up Mormon. Thanks Mom and Dad.

I mean no violent sentiment by blowing up the temple so to speak. Each one is a temple. The only “secret” thing or thing that comes close is “East-West”… we sinned before! Shhh!! As far as the East is from the West so… Has… It been removed from us. My brothers in LDS groups, come on out. Purify yourselves from false purity. Maybe that means staying in your ward, maybe it means not entering a temple. Be sure of ONLY this:


/// 2015 ///


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