New Kool Aid: Is It Ethical To Make Kool-Aid With Less Sugar???

it is UNETHICAL for the makers to not at least ONCE suggest to use 1/4 cup sugar instead of one FULL cup


But I am going to call them and save all your lives! Just kidding.

my opinion:

1.5 liters water + 1 packet Kool-Aid + NO SUGAR… = safe

Add 1/4 cup sugar and you have a drink FOUR TIMES SAFER than Pepsi and optimally tasty.

Yes, refined sugar. Get over it. Not everyone is perfect. Or use agave sweetener.

water off the tap is like drinking warm summer garden hose water. BLEAH.

water is how necessary? How many people are under-hydrated because they fear what to drink?


Water that you doctor yourself.

for fibromyalgia… I mix hops infusion with no alcohol. I call that Shrek Swamp Mix. Ladies- it will put hair on your chest, so I suggest 4x 12oz. bottles of ODouls Amber (has hops and works to reset nerves for four hours. Try it.

as for water, I have to have flavor

wine would be great

the Greeks used to water down wine to 5% ALC… “Near beer”… Lol



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