If I May Speak As An Emo Girl

not too difficult

“I in I”

She is beautiful

She is I

Warm my soul…

Blacken the Sky


Night is for me

For the I in I is

Out of Reach

Black the starless night-sky


I was just 14

When I hid in DXM

My step-mom and step-dad

Threw me down the steps then


Corner of my prettiness

Edge of my eye-light

DXM me

Stars in my inner sky


I finally found myself

A feeling is no lie

I removed MY OWN pain

Why so do my friends! Hi there! Hi!


Having a renewal

In my own BODY


I don’t need to be a hottie ”


We pushed her in

And she was bought

Now take her out of Wonderland…

This will hurt a lot!


But if peace is not enuf and

Must compete with pill

She can borrow some of mine

My peace comes from the Smurfy Hill


X-DXM Sweden Anubis army warrior pillar of peace megaton megatron POSITRONIC  zipgun words flash meta fantastic… Peace does not come from the stomach or DEx-a-trim slimming emotions to zero hero fire hero… The pilot tempers fire, CNS aside… Pop triple C and HIDE but the Ordinancers will find her……. Take her back, lift her up. It’s already good as done when it’s destiny,  Children…….



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