I Quit DXM epic-dosing in October

DXM since 1999.

I did not receive pain meds for HAE, which is heinous.

Dextromethorphan (DXM) is a neural depressant.

Not proud to say I put in 250,000mg (over 1000 bottle equivalent of Robitussin DM) in 2 YEARS, maddened with PAIN, I had been punching walls. Had been in AA… Took it to not drink.

I could start again

I am in a new zone now


If you want to see my writing ON DXM (at an average of 1,200mg/ day) look up my OLD blog (got nominated, too)…


Rock stars compose under the influence. I am not a rock star writer.  Edgar Allen Poe was on opium and incest… Not me!

but the shape of human is squeeeeeeezed OUT

HAVE a great day

i probably won’t mention again



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