The Turn of the Screw (Classic): A Play Adaptation. Finally!! In Pdx, OR


1126 se 15th
Tickets $18
Thursdays thru Sundays 7:30pm
Now and until Oct 22


From my elementary school.
Amanda Boekelheide (pretty, huh?)… in:


    See how frighteningly beautiful it can be and leave with no guilt.

    HEY! I’m talking to Terra L.S.! This post is for HER! Oh geez. I forget this reaches 900,000 people. Yeah. All of you ignore this!!! Except Terra.

The result of ONE screw
gone a’missing. Shit.

    OH! Hey now you self effacating melon farmers!
If your name is Bill, Jane or Osworth… this is for you too I guess. I am not going to the play.

An actress named
“Sara H _ _ _ _” once tried to split me in half from my wife with the promise of a cocktail and a stay at her apartment. I drank alone and STILL my wife thought this Don Juan was near ‘wanding’… wandering… with just a phone call. I don’t trust actors. Dangerous… toothy… sparkley… and gay. Olde gay. Not pink gay.

     Now it feels like everyone is flirting. Screw it. Now I ask directly if someone is attracted to me. If they get mad or turn the screw on me like I have an AGENDA on them, I hang it up. I don’t mess around with people who feel they can disrespect my wife by speaking to me like my wife. One woman is allowed to push me uncomfortably towards her. My wife.

In a troupe of actors when my marriage is seeing trouble that is the last place I need to go. I used to act… to get women into bed. Long long ago. That part of me is dormant and will NOT die until I do.

I process the data. I am funk-aut. Functional autistic. Life is hell. I make erotic art and feel only spirit 99.94% of the time. Ta-tas n hoo hoos… long hair and booze…

     But………………………………………………if you live in Portland, OR put down $18 or eighteen crowns and see these clowns do pro art f-16 low and slow acting excellence. If you do I will mail you a puppy.


|||||| after show post bonus||||||

I just smoked some crack, ate a ding dong, shot heroin, smoked weed, a ciggy, had a bm and told someone else’s kid he is a fart machine.


Willy Wonka… you ARE the father!!

(Mrs. Butterworth DID Willy.
I call them my Mom and Dad.
Sweet parents.)

Just kidding. I know that on July 4th 1973, you and Dad had some wine, went to bed, did NOT sleep and ____ _____ _____ _____ ____ ____ and ____ ___ then _____. So the stork brought more wine. Lazy ass stork- because Dad COULD not ____ ___ or ______ ____.

I know too much. My pre-fetal ghost SAW it all. I forgive you Daddy and Mommy. You looked like you were in pain. I yelled to try to stop the ___ ___ ___ ____ _. No. Its a LIE…..


Fine… uh- no.


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