Warning FRAUD announcement re: 1-800-collect and telecom

     before I start I would like to say something. it is possible a blog can be used as a service announcement
machine. This is such a blog.

Here we go:

       if you tried to use 1 800 collect yesterday, you may have been told by the computer that you won a contest for $100 gift certificate to target

in my case the so-called pr ize- it was to the nice store Target  for $100. not being racist but the receptionist was a male and from India. he wanted me to give my debit card number to him. I asked if he was from India- he said no. but when he spelled my name out… he says Harrison. He spelled back like
H as in house
as an apple
R as in really
R as in really
I as in India

The “I” as in India push me over the limit of my trust

I got on 2 payphones diverted to speak:

     YOU WIN $100 gift

    I stayed on. They asked for $6.99 shipping and what is your debit card please. I decline d.

don’t feel very well.
Wife is in the hospital yesterday

Good one

   Great one. Scam. 99% sure.

   To the GOOD COMPANY 1800collect… I believe in YOU!
Just called your operator and yold the youngun to pass on to his sup.

Also…  please reward me-

   I/c A. Harrison
   10554 se main st. Ste 308
    Milwaukie oregon

It is a matter of need. They say I won $100. Please mail me $100. I am poor, ill with HAE & I love you… but I love my wife more. She was in ER. I was trying to call her.

  I tried a second time.

  It said I win on ANOTHER payphone

   I tried a third time

    Charged $15 as the scam was over maybe. Window of op. sorry I write short I am tired.

Please at least $15
The third time I was testing it
It went through
I actually did not want it to go through
$15 to you. I will sacrifice to $15 to you just this once

someone please mail me a $15 check to the above address.

if I get more than $15 I will spend it on food for my family etc AND if I get too much, I will ask people to stop

Thank you and have a good morning!


           Me in jean shirt.
           My #1- Rose.

also this is important:
I have gone to ER twice in past week
I am afraid I could die. most realistic is a stroke. I have also been depressed suicidal thoughts etc. It must be the painkillers that I can even write. My vision splotchy and heartbeat so hard at this point.

so much bad luck I have. but I try to be a good luck charm. I am a child of light.
I do not feel white. please help us. anyone. I may have a fancy blog, but for some reason I don’t have good connections with any family.
are always going towards bankruptcy, sick a lot, my wifes not perfect person but dont you tell her that I said that. who has been at odds with my wife- my mom.

two people who feel they need to be perfect and perfectly fight. I do not want to bore or bother you for more information you out there. problems I have. Yoda I can imitate. but going without food, gas, money for rent- its beyond too much

sometimes I don’t want to be here anymore. but I have an asset status to the church is a God

hello hello hello
is there any body out there








if nothing else I’ll look for you spiritually you pray for me.
you guys done very well pray for me
Josh darn well better at least pray for me yoo hoo Live in the Lord

voice text sure spells funny

if anyone did mail me a check
I will try to write back
some people do just lose money on purpose.

enough about me
I want
you to know something……
I want you to have a good day today just today, that’s all.

Bless you, those who read me


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