Open Hand

Open hand





What are hands for?

     To date, there are trillons of things a hand can do. Yes! Sew, stir, cuddle a baby, snap fingers, point. “Work”? What IS work? We all burn joules.

      If you are TOLD how to use them it is by:

A lover
An employeer
Someone asking for a ‘hand’.

Ha. A ‘hand’.

What am I getting at?

     A DOCTOR told my FEMALE family member- a young one- to use her HAND as pain relief. For menstrual cramps.

    What? Should us guys pull it… after back surgery. You KNOW it is not percocet. Hey, if you hurt, God knows you know that we all know that you may do… a NUMBER of things to escape pain. What if you are religious, though? Probably 90% condemn mastrubation as a selfish act. Well it is self. It COULD very well be selfish. It can hurt you mentally if you BELIEVE it is LOW, degrading, less than what you deserve as a sexual being.

      We all have sex. Let me clarify. All kids have sex to them. Male. Female. Is it arousing to rub your arm after it is banged. BANGED. You know… on the counter. Am I dredging. Yeah. Yes I am. Speaking up. Probably one should NEVER instruct a man to pee a certain way. If he is fat like ME, he may “pee sitting down”. Big whoop.

    Telling someone how to dance with their genitalia is a mockery of their intel. Unless… unless you are persuasive and not kinky. I am not out to create mastrubaters. You ALL deserve a mate. I am not talking illicit relationships- those of you in church.


     So tell the management of a doctor if he or she tells you to M. That is SO personal. We are not cattle. Perhaps they mean well. Was my family member insulted? Well I do not think so. But the young woman’s story reached me. And this is how Syntaxsinner

     Whatever happened to meds? Why must sexuality and personal conduct in private be shocking? Or governed? It is really so stupid, all this. But what is not stupid is that people get embarrassed, ashamed, offended, feel GUILT- untrue guilt or constructive guilt.


     May God counsel with his spirit tenderly.

     Now THAT is the ULTIMATE master vocation- to not violate but love. How very, very scary… and very, very NECESSARY kiddos. Our thoughts, the bible says, are not HIS thoughts. I just gave 1000 readers a ruler for masturbation. About time to again in our soceity. It is all sex and marriage. Things are NOT easy. No. No. No. No. No.

    But the creator is a perfect judge of character.

    Are you ss sss sscared? That is okay. Fear is akin to respect. Why cry over small actions? We who are spiritual know that sometimes ONE thing is both bad and good but at different times.

    So have some ice cream. Just kidding. Freedom if you want it in Christ Jesus is a personal matter of total freedom. Freedom isn’t rules. It is one and two rules… love God, love who is around you.
“Around you”= neighbor.

     Thank you for putting up with posts that are 95% silly and/or even punchy comedy offensive. This here s.S-er speaks some sin, or he has. I dare you to find sin in THIS.

Sola scriptura
Heilige requiem

-Andy “Giesbrecht” Harrison I

Ps Funk Hate
     Take your self hate to
Pss bless you father
         Billy Graham.
        You may think this post
        is odd. But I used it as
         a gospel freedom goal
         post. I am 40. You are
        getting to 140. Just
        kidding. I want to be like
          you. I love your
          sermons. I believe
         Jesus wanted me to
         write- not centered on
          weird stuff. Not even
          that I was ab’d by
          Protestants sexual.

          No, I rise above. I don’t
         need a thing but that
         which is grace.

          Amen Lord JC. Save us.
         I endured the pits.


D’elo fresh!





                Papal tastic!


    Hey I love Niki Lauda. Race to your doc today and demand dignity gentely. Sorry N.L. to put you in my M + MD post. You are a survivor. I bet you’d agree and say, ” who cares who Ms… life is a race. Sheesh.” In your Austrian voice. I agree Niki. Hahah. Okay. Well, Got protect your son.

     And thank you God Father for your son.

     Think about that.

     What did Jocelyn Elders get fired for? Is not masturbation SACRED more than TABOO? Everybody does it almost. Some less than 10% are not “gay” with themselves. Is the big M wrong? Well it certainly is not CHEATING or else your CONFESSION at Catholic mass would go:

    “Father, forgive me.
Its been X days since my last confession. Padre- I had a THREESOME. And it was with ME, MYSELF and my WIFE. I touched. It touched. I kissed. It jumped on her boo-tay.

     We poo-nay-hee-hooed all night.

      Padre… I use the left, too.
It was a foursome. Aggg.”

Ho dee ho.
I am not Catholic.

     I do not know if “frying the bacon” is a sin. Seems that
p.c. is a sin. Not pubococcus muscle excercises. Kegel. Whatever.

     A doctor should give pills. Maybe

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