Miracle Maker

Idea Excelcis Oro

Bury a living man
(or wo-man)
into the Earth in a lumen


The hitch

You must make the hospital 2 miles below sea level


Think about the effect of oxygen density

Not digging

Why? You bastards.

Replicate it.
If I die NOW,
I just taught all of humanity how to live to 300.

So up yours with my English doctorate.

Just kidding.

You may pet my doctorate.

Don’t be amazed.
Make a fucking
Vertical maze.
Then ask God after
300 years when you die at 302… was it worth it?
At the marble floor judgment.

Well poop, you don’t care?
Dig up all that poop dirt.

Or make a poop digger.

Or shoot.

Make a shoot.

No one feels adventurous?

God says you can have wars down there.

No he doesn’t.

Maybe sex.

Not with yourself.

No, anything.



I am anti to death.
Not anti.


Shooo!!- sticky eyes!!!


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