“Bey dey de·o duie·a  dah
   mo nee no… schakkah
     schakkah leeki deeki…”


      Sounds like it came from Wily George E. Coyote Lucas as he sits in 1973 looking at tattoo INK. The title!

      Oh come on! I do not know. I am not in 1973. Except as a Zygo. (That is MY slang.)

      Listen, seriously the man is great. His neck- not a laughing matter. Man has a goiter. That is grace from higher heaven’s to keep him humble. I bet you 250 Centauris. I bet its a benign growth. Don’t mess with Lucas types.

      I am a Lucas type. I generate stories like a Matrix III key-master. The stories I write are designed to be low on poison. Writing fiction and play is not hard. I can crank out 101 kolours of krap for karpet and kurtain samples for your next “life experience”.

“Experi 1″

     The next thing.

Ooo !!

  Have you ever thought you could BE someone else. Watch thru their eyes. Feel… their wife. Just kidding. Sorta.
What part of the brain lies like that? Is it a lie to think you cannot understand another person’s life? Is it a lie to say you ARE that other person in any sense? How many fabrications ARE true? Certainly there is deception. Using broken truths? My last question is actually very serious.

     Are you now or have you ever been darth vader- now see how I did NOT capitalize the name so that AFORE you could not see my bs coming up. Yup. I am totally fos and THAT was a Reverse-trolling philosofunky punk. You’re welcome. Bub-bye.









I try to use my own pictures. The staff at Syntaxsinner would like to thank the followers.


Pictures: me
Tresurer: me
CFO:        me
CEO:        me
Eieio:       me
Boom:     pow
Writer:     Andy, me

Thanks a plopper-dooey!
You know it.






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