A Shade Of Reality

    Yellower than the color of okra…

The life I can make
has unlimited potential

Her needs will require me to
not ascend

I have had to sluff winning cards

I am winning by choosing this kind of loss for now

She also is chronicly outspoken about our means being lackluster

I have wanted to jam a tuba in my ear to block the sound of words like – –


(3am, stressed, “we have no money!”)

Well, let them come for us. Kick us out.
I can have hereditary angioedema and live on the street and stay clean and sober, too.

I could die, too.

My family is like the Reagans.


Jane Wyman was busy.

Mike Reagan went to boarding school as an adopted boy. Who in the hell gets to do THAT??
The future president.

Michael Reagan was molested and it was felony one. It happened in tandem with being away.
He is now a great talk show host survivor, man and father.

I had someone try to Jay Cee Dugard ME. I fought. Second degree sexual assault against me. The church I was with laughed it off. At times, yes, to my face. Nervous laughter. Ha ha ha. I am not there to hurt, kill, sue… to protect others.

My wife does not understand how this affects THIS MAN. And I have strength to last my emotional anti-aircraft shelter until Tuesday Next. And beyond.

Right this moment.


Its happening.


I am saying this to say now I am ready in this moment with all power to me to do well now.

Any reader can too.


You do.
You will.
If you like my story,
do me a favor…

Tell someone else yours.
When you just cannot help it.


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