Now This Is Just Incredibly Childish!

            A long time ago Mr. White pants went on vacation.


    He left the neighborhood without his protective
    presence. As he rode away, farting and quite possibly ‘sharting’ his old civil war military pants, he sang a song that was taught to him by his buddy’s old Dutch-German nanny. In a made-up language.

    We all think he is lying!!


People were GLAD he was gone. WHY?? Because Mr. White pants… smells.


He smells worse than Elmo.
Elmo smells like sour biscuits and gravy. And has marijuana-breath. Smells like 211, too.


Speaking of understanding- no one gets why ol’ White pants smells.

So people frickin HATE him.

Whoa! Shhh! Here he comes!!


Nope. Just a look-alike, mocking him at the parade.
Legend has it, he is full of gas and holds it except for once a year he goes and finally FARTS out at Yosemite National Park, killing wildlife and its always a near death experience for him too.


Ahh, finally… air!!

Hey, kids! Who REALLY smells??


“Our PARENTS! They smell like b.o. and coffee, but we won’t say. We try to be nice.”


Ahh yes! Quite nice to say nothing- lest ye offend them and be punished…

I, king Nazoneks, declare this post Whiff-worthy!

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