The 3-toed Zorse

    The Zorse is an amazing figment reality of Cleaver Solutions Inc. Cloned from imaginary ziphnogs, the imaginary Zorse is the embodiment of the mind of the Ward. Of course a zorsian horse is quite REAL in its splendor of virtual being.


   Note the great hindquarters of power, the humility to work for broccoli. C.S. Inc. is developing an imaginary anti-body to combat flatulence of the Zorse, the main complaint of consumers. See the power in its cleverly cloned three-toed footies.

    Taken from the Atlantic island of  Endura, rescued from zorsian boxing matches (these fights continue till the bell or nay. Disgusting! Sorry) the Zorse is very happy to learn the peace of labouring, hauling your grocies, disconnecting his cute little slave harness and with his itty fingahs he grabs even a milk and puts away all.

      Order a Zorse today. Use the clandestine line for illegal and unethical ops. Be sure to give your Zorse:

Tummy rubs
if they request (pointing to bum)
Loo time to read a zine

      This is the time for calorie conservation. Order your Zorse today.

Wardlin C. Cleaver
Protected Species Dealer

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