Luminous Pathogenesis

     “Go to the light Sweetie,” said Lorenzo’s mom. They thought he was slipping away. They say, “Curtains” for the end of one’s life.

     But what about backward? Who was your great great grandfather? And his? 18 generations back? They exist. And then they called life “Now” as we do.

    What is time? I am going to lay out a theory that is vague, yet dually conclusive as to how we became human on a planet. I will offer views of evolutionists as well as creationists. Each camp has members who, in their camp, disagree. I hand picked from Carl Sagan (E) to Einstein (C) and other views.

      I am self taught, 120 IQ & high EQ. READ MY WORDS, DECIDE FOR YOURSELF.

Conglemerate Theory

   The fact is that physicists say energy created matter. They say all of matter was in one small place. This is to them the ‘Big Bang’. They say matter was developed, that matter is a slow mode of energy and there is spoken a presence of cooresponding voids and forms. That is what any scient COULD agree on.

      The Creationist expounds to say the initial phase is not described and I will say it iS in fact in Genesis 1, if you will bear with me, I will exclude religiousity to focus on physics only but I will mention spirit as well as God. They say, whether they CLAIM or not what modern science confirms. The Earth (or the idea of it was not formed and void and the spirit was over the waters.

    Because this is aa conglomerate view, it will ALL sound creationist, because I am in that camp. The void- excellent! Vacuuousness is an ingredient in space-time. Formless- well, this is reference to the universe as the as-of-yet at this second pre-Bang a time unit out-of-time. There is metaphysics and vision (not God) coming from God (Hebrew, Elohim).

      Let there be light.

    And no eyes to see it, so it is radiation. It came before the sun, so not a light-giving light. Just light. A zygote of any embryo starts with a spark. This is a radiation jump start. Days are counted. Two non solar days, then on day 3, our sun and moon. Now its just too orderly and too soon to speak of these created things. So…

        Light and water, water being not taken literally as Dasani, plus void matter has what it needs to form or be formed. Dry land appears, plants and animals arrive, then man. I suppose one could say the days were long. One could say God molded or made things mold themselves in evolution. The theory is preached as fact, let’s rethink without fear that other forces were at play on an Earth measured to be old. The debate is due for evolution, actually.

    What I purport is that according to solar days (5) and the two non solar days, time is of little consequence, as, if all the matter in the universe were gathered, even for 72 hrs, the gravity exerted would age everything by process aging. Like a paiting cracked on purpose with chemicals. So if this is true, a planet could be well “affected”.

   Einstein says gravity affects time. This has been measured to be true by matching up sychronized clocks in good repair- one on Earth, the other taken to orbit, then back.

    So all scientists agree a matter mass was together, then dispersed. That gravity was hard on all atoms. That is why a 6 or 7 millinia old Earth may read as aged into millions. Intense initial gravity.

     Having a spirit who does not interfere, only play things about, would be helpful. I’d say essential to make life, which, small as biological things are require written DNA instructions and order they cannot write onto themselves.

Next chapter:
Chapter Zero
Who made the maker?
Answer: Huh?

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