This Took Me 20 Minutes…


My previous post I had a hip sculpture.


Then I did no DNA testing. I did not figure who she real isn’t.

What are you thinking? That I talk funny? Of course I don’t not talk funny. I also do the make art backwards thing funny too. So what’s up? Never talked to a chicken-boy before?

Yeah, most people don’t taunt there blog audience. But I want strange attention. Bad boys get press. Bleah! See? I’m a mature 39 year old. Bleah! Bleah!

(We apologize. The author is on a tangent. Please cosine if you want an equilateral post. Wait. I’m still the author!)


(Author has been hit with cartoon hammer.)

   Happy helmet disengaged.

    Sincere apologies,

          Author’s wife,

             Code Name: Hijaqueline

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