No Respect For The English Language

A fight between second or third…
Or her first?

Constantly I’m commenting.

What I’m trying to do right now,
Apostasty-a-riffic. Throw me out of all the anal passageways of writing shit for meal.

Truely blessed. Serving time free speech. I can even write sdrawkcab. What are you gonna do? Nothing. There are no rules to get published. You don’t have to be educated or smart. Its all about what moves people. They’ll buy a book I bet, full of exclamation points, sheerly out of spite, celebration of writer’s block.

    And here I’m not even doing it.
Why? I don’t have enough time in between doctors’ appts. to keep me alive. By God, somebody else do it and mail me the check fot kudos:

         I/O A. Harrison
         10101 SE Bell
         Portland, OR 97222

  I would appreciate a $100 royalty if you, whoever you are, could procure a book. Exactly 100 pages long. Titled “!” by psuedonym “!”.
Preface reads exclamation points for exactly one and ¼ pages. Has ten chapters. Paragraphs cut to appear full. 100 pages. Very well then. I’ll wait for my check in the mail for legal© claim of invention.
$100 is not so bad. I’m done here.
I recommend finding a press out of Boston.

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