Wrap your arms around a dream
I am talking to you
No, you there…
The depressed one
No, no-
Him and HER…
What’s wrong with you all??
Move along
This is a special message
Do you think I don’t know??
Oh my god are you hurting
You feel like you want to live
You were depressed and thought
You thought of death
You thought you are bad
I wouldn’t matter if I said you are…
If I said you are good
The reason you feel bad is heavy
I once was in a state of mind
It was continous
But it only lasted half a year
Out of it I took my alcoholism
But I had hope again
Instead of going home alone…
I moved in with my parents
Even though I was still drinking
Mostly I drank at home
I’d crack the can open
The can of an 8.1% 24 oz. beer
I’d go to strip clubs to talk
Young women who were disrobed
Now I know how they get there
I was like them
I’ve heard “dancers” are mean
Never to me
Now I know it is disrespectful
Yes to seek viewing a nude woman
For money that is
Not immediately
Yes they have bills to pay
Needs are mutually met
But even one visit is a vote
A vote to say its okay
A vote to say “stay”
But if people aren’t there
At that conclusion-
I’m not here to judge
You just want to see hope
Something beautiful
Sure the body is art
Is anyone getting hurt?
I just know people need identity
Nothing is more identified…
Than gender
Who we are has to do with core
Its celebration of what we are
The pain runs deep friend
You don’t have to call me a friend
Maybe you are NOT in the crowd
In the audience here
But I care
Because I was lost
A woman came along
I believe in myself now
Nothing says you have to be alone
People can help you find your place
I cannot forgot how lost I felt
Like I was nailed down
But now I fly
Still wounds from the past
But I fly
And I focus on my wife
Also on my New view of a good God
Thats not for everyone I get it

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