I Once Had A Dream

    Yes. I had this dream. I went to sleep with my heart pounding out of my chest. They call it an m.i. Newsflash- don’t get too into religions where they stress “feeling the presence of God”.

    I was having triple rate heart beat, no sleep for a week. No rest. I looked in the mirror and saw a person crying and I was mad at them.

    So #1… dont have heart disease at 19… and #2, don’t just start thinking God talks to you when you have a myocardial infarction. He probably is, but keep in mind even though you feel what you think is hell… it isn’t. Its a heart attack.

#3 forgive your parents for teaching you this religion where you are going to heaven and others to hell (see if I felt THAT and was going to heaven, well its a sign I have a foot in Hell and thats it

An m.i. is very painful when you are alone and dont report it. Mexican field workers have ignored m.i.s so theres precedent.
Add religion and ignorance and you get me, or the old me, dissociative in a mental wing

How is it recovering from an m.i. in a mental ward. Well, the nurse was hot and had a rockin bod. Other than that, broccoli and a roll and arts and crafts… horrible.

My dream. I slept with heart problems. Escalator to hell. No hope no salvation. Thats what Kip Kinkle wrote. So I have an m.i. and have a vision into the mind of death?

Im a mild mannered citizen. Im a different type of Christian. I don’t wish HELL on ANYONE. I dont have infinite power or tolerance, but Ive lamented a life where:

I found my blood results for illness hidden just last month from 1981. Why? OH… WELLL

I have been taking OTC for pain. I just got a new doc.

My last LDLp was 1670
Thats Crisco in your veins.
My doc is 75.
He looks at me and says after seeing people for 50 years…
Im lucky… to be… alive.
I told him about OBEs.
He nods.
Doesnt treat it like ghost stories.
Its like HE’S my dad now.
And Im 39.
Where has my life gone?
What has it meant?

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