Layers Of Story Telling

     Did you ever wonder how entertainers get that extra pull? Why a punchline punches? (Punch, punch… punch-a-roo! What? Exactly!) Well I’ve observed some things and learned a bit. I’ve been told some secrets, like from the Riddle King of children’s books, Mike Thaler. I’ve also observed that while my methods didn’t change that I did- and THAT made all the difference in the world.

Improv- Roll With It Style

Case: David Letterman
Tool Box: Paul Schaefer, guests, multiple cameos
Style: Constant Improv Feel-Sorry-For-Me Dangerfield style
Budget: $$$$$$$$

       Letterman comes out. He brings news. Eventually offers up a scapegoat like how the Mets suck. He’ll move on, drop a few bombs, recover and say, “Ladies & Gentlemen, if you think its going to get better… it won’t”. His self-depreciation always recovers. His funny looks. Then he says, “Uh… how about those Mets, Paul?” And Paul says… well it goes on for an hour. Millions watch it.

Machine Gun.

      Stand up gets out there and mentions an off the wall problem. Rag on your wife in front of a half female audience? Its NOT the material. Its all about how YOU are. Cajones. Ovaries or Testes… it takes brass balls. Drop your brass balls on a stage all about who you are and NO one knows who you are that you would confess x amount of x’s about all your exes.

Now, out of comedy (the comedian wants to act), many want to be seen as a real person. Story to comedy bridge:

         A family of monsters are having dinner at a table. A dragon, a marshmallow, cookie monster and a pepper shaker.

     (Thats 5 legs. Here’s the table…)

       Pepper sneezes at the table. Dragon inhales and sneezes fire. Fire roasts marshmallow. Ghost says, “I was a marshmallow. That happened last night”. Cookie Monster looks at roasted marshmallow distraught thinking, “Its like a cookie. S’mores are cookie. Who not invite graham cracker and chocolate?” Plus his eyes roll and his smile is fixed. By the way, none of this is funny to me. I’m awfully sick. Laugh at that. Go ahead. I have a one in four chance of dying by choking to death. Jimmy Hendrix.

Too Soon:

Not just in comedy, but what if they made a feature film on how Biden won’t sacrifice his salary. Maybe later. Name of film: “Maybe Later”. Damned to low budget fodder or a singular SNL skit.


The toasted marshmallow excused himself from the table. Cookie monster looked like the devil. Pepper is an idiot. Dragon is uninsured. Marshmallow leaks goo and is taken to the ER with two graham crackers. Cookie monster drives. They crash into a chocolate bar. Marshmallow dies with massive 3rd degree burns.

Riddle king:

Find two relavant things that rhyme.

Start with one.


What’s favorite pet? Ham-ster.


Pig has two pets. A fish and a hamster. Who is the favorite? I’d say ham-ster, wouldn’t you? You’d be wrong though its the fish.


These things are hard to solve, so we laugh. As well we should to survive.

These things are drama. Drama needs comic relief… or we get sick. Last night I watch a show about a woman beaten and violated. Only anger was portrayed. Showing the act in strobe, the show ended. Primetime. Garbage and refuse. I know what a felony is. And rape. But the show left me with no hope for her. Malarky. Fiction. The only truth in the fiction was terror. I don’t watch TV just for an experience.

God help me, I look for redemption. I liked the Life of Pi movie. Gave me ideas on allegory to properly represent my gory.

So this has been my predentation on catching an audience with approaching them with:

Your truest self
Full circle point, even if its mad

I hope this was interesting!


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